YouTuber runs a half-marathon...on his balcony

21 October, 2022

It has been a while since the Covid-19 pandemic had us locked inside, away from our normal routines, leaving us to our creativity to enjoy ourselves. During this period of time, many of our clients sent in photos and videos of themselves utilizing their balcony glazing, whether it was dancing, doing yoga, or building forts with their children. You can see this documented in Spain below.

As amazing as it is to see all the ways clients managed to enjoy their patios during this time, nothing quite describes what running-based YouTuber, "RunningWithMarc", accomplished over the initial wave of the pandemic. In one day, RunningWithMarc crossed his 6 meters 3,350 times, or to be summarized, a half marathon, in his balcony! Way to go Marc!

As he put it,

"I decided that I wanted to try and do something that not only pushes my limits but can hopefully inspire others to stay at home during this tough COVID-19 pandemic, but also stay fit and healthy. Also to remind everyone that there is always a way to succeed if you put your mind to it. So here I am running/walking a marathon on my balcony. Oh by the way there is no strict lockdown here in Helsinki, Finland, I could have ran in the forest, but the message was to show people, be safe and stay home"


As you can see, Marc's balcony is equipped with frameless retractable glass, otherwise known as LGR. Here he is comfortable enough to exercise in a brisk Helsinki Spring. The 1.5mm gap between panels allows for protection from the wind and rain, leaving Marc (albeit, a rather small) space for outdoor exercise. Lumon Retractable Glazing is a great solution for those that would like to optimize their home, whether it's a patio on their single-family home, or the balcony on their condominium. 

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If you would like to learn more about how the glazing works, below are two different product overviews that can be used on most, if not all, outdoor living spaces.

Lumon Glazing Retractable - Lumon glazing system can be designed to retract from either side. The lockable handle can also be accessed from either inside or outside of the sunroom. These tailor-made options give you more versatility to transform your sunroom into the liveliest space in your home.

Lumon Glazing Sliding - You can choose your Lumon sliding options to have a thin vertical frame or be completely frame less resulting in unobstructed views. This is suitable for both balconies and terraces.

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