Sliding glass doors: making the most out of your outdoor space

31 October, 2022

Do you already have an existing patio cover, and are thinking how you can make more use out of your outdoor space? Adding sliding or retractable glass walls can be a way to significantly extend patio season, so that you can enjoy activities you love on the patio almost all year round. 

The enclosed space stores the energy of the sun, so that even with dropping temperatures, the room stays warm and cozy. 

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Sliding or retractable 

Lumon provides two options for glazing: sliding or retractable. In fact, our retractable solution now has been re-engineered to be frameless, providing better flexibility and seamlessness for your space. In the sliding glass door option, panels slide to one side, leaving the width of one panel at the end, where all panels stack neatly on their tracks. In the retractable option, all panels retract open on one side, so that the opening of the sunroom or balcony can essentially be completely open, or completely closed. With the addition of glazing, you also contribute more to the sustainability of your home. The glazed space acts as a buffer between the indoors and the outdoors, so that unnecessary ventilation is minimized and the sun's energy maximized, thus reducing the need for heating behind the enclosed space. Glazing even a small space can add significant value to your home!

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Here you can see more about the product that started it all - our retractable balcony glazing: 


Explore the possibilities with Lumon's seamless sliding glazing solution:


Lumon's glazing can withstand winds of up to 300km/h, so even in windy areas, the retractable and sliding glazing solutions are made to work with the weather. Before the installation of the glazing, it is also good to consider what the desired use of the space would look like. For example, the placement of furniture might dictate the direction in which the glazing is opened. 

Here are some things to take note of when thinking about the placement of your retractable or sliding glass doors: 

  • Walkways
  • Opening direction of doors
  • Utilization of the space: living area, dining space, play area for children, indoor garden
  • Lighting
  • The need for blinds on the roof and glass walls

Most importantly, the addition of glass walls to your existing patio roof opens up endless possibilities for maximizing the use of your outdoor space. When considering questions of design, our Design Consultants are happy to answer any questions during your free home consultation. Here's what you can expect from the visit. 

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