Small sunroom ideas - make the most out of your outdoor space

20 May, 2022

One of the greatest benefits of having a sunroom is the extra space it provides. Especially in smaller homes, this can be a significant benefit. What's more, the space can be used in whatever way you deem the best. 

Even a small, compact space can be decorated in a way that allows for an extra reading nook, yoga studio, indoor garden... 

Best design tips 

For a small room, using light tones for décor is definitely the way to go. Using neutral tones adds a sense of airiness and freshness that will bring your room to life. Light tones also make your room seem larger and less cluttered. In addition, putting a mirror in the room is a great way to make the room feel more spacy. For even more design tips... continue reading here

The benefit of having a glass enclosure for a small sunroom is that its seamless design makes it appear as though it is melting into its surroundings. With a small space, it is essential that the frame of the sunroom is not bulky and distracting. 

Small glass sunroom decorated in neutral tones

This sunroom is brought to life with a seamless design and neutral tones - making the space appear bigger 


Plan the space beforehand 

If you do not yet have an enclosure, a great idea is also to plan the purpose of use for the room beforehand, so you can make sure that the doors and walkways are in ideal spots, which allow for movement around the room. 

For example, if you are planning to put even one larger piece of furniture in the room, plan the location of it carefully in relation to the other elements of the sunroom, such as the doorway to the indoors. 

Our professional Design Consultants can give you great ideas on how the space is best planned, so that your enclosure does not take away from the usability of the room, but adds to it... significantly. 

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Retractable is best

If you are renovating your small sunroom or are just in the planning phase, make sure that the enclosure for your small sun room is retractable. That way, in the warmer seasons, you can easily open up the room to bring in more space. In fact, the room absorbs solar energy from the sun, so your sunroom tends to be warm three seasons out of the year.

Read more here about why a three-season sunroom is more useful than a four-season one. You can even use it in the winter with a few considerations in mind. 

With small sunrooms, it is essential that the space is planned well, with neutral and bright tones to add airiness... and that you have the possibility to open up the space in warmer seasons to put the room to even better use! 

Having a small sunroom does not have to mean that the space is not usable... the situation can be exactly the opposite! Book your free home consultation with one of our Design Consultants, whatever the size of your space. Don't know what to expect from the free home consultation? Read more about what that looks like here. 

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