What are the latest sunroom trends?: spring edition

18 March, 2022

Design trends are constantly evolving, and that is why timelessness is so important when considering sustainable design and trends of the future. Enhancing outdoor living enhances the overall well-being and standard of life which we have. On days when it is nice outside, being close to nature while still having the comforts of our home nearby is, well, the best of both worlds. The latest sunroom trends focus on sustainable living and timeless design, just what Lumon's retractable sunroom concept is built around. 

Sunroom trend number one: energy-efficient spaces 

Oftentimes, four-season sunrooms may be costly, and in addition, air circulation within the room may not be the greatest. Lumon's three-season concept acts as a buffer between the interior and exterior of the building, so that in summer, cooling costs are reduced - and in winter, heating costs are reduced. The room stores the energy of the sun, giving an extra boost of Vitamin D, but also protecting those enjoying the space from harmful UV-rays. 

Did you know that Lumon's product pays its carbon footprint back in as a quickly as three years? 

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girl looking out of retractable sunroom window

Harness the energy of the sun

Sunroom trend number two: make it your own 

Another important trend in sunroom design is customizability. It is important that the resident can make their outdoor space look like their own. The versatility of Lumon's spaces allows the homeowner to transform the space into quite literally, whatever: a dining space, an outdoor gym, a children's play area... the options are limitless. During your free in-home consultation, you will also receive guidance from Lumon's professional Design Consultants as to which option may best suit your home and align with its exterior design. 

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Children playing in glass sunroom

Make your sunroom your own!

Sunroom trend number three: timelessness

Alongside sustainability, it is also important that the sunroom space is timeless and that it suits the character of the building. The Nordic look and feel of Lumon's product instantly transforms the facade of the home. However, with its transparent features, it does not take away from the original design of the home exterior.

Sunroom by the lake in summertime in Finland

Lumon's Finnish design is rooted in timelessness

Sunroom trend number four: make it glass 

The purpose of a sunroom is that the resident gets to enjoy their outdoor space more, without missing out on the surrounding views. An all-glass room enables the enjoyment of surrounding nature seamlessly throughout the year. What's more, you can also really get close to nature, and retract the room open completely.

Stressed about dirty glass? No worries - since the glazing panels are fully retractable, you can be comfortably inside while cleaning your space. We even have the best tips for spring cleaning - right here

Spring is just around the corner, and it is often the time we start thinking about our outdoor spaces... let's begin building your trendy sunroom, together!

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