Sunroom living: how it changed the lives of these home owners

9 May, 2022

Often, home owners may not even consider their outdoor space as something that could potentially expand the use of their home. Relaxing on the patio is left for the warmer seasons and non-rainy days. Which we know, in Canadian climates, can be limited. In this blog, we are going to take a look at how home owners have re-discovered the meaning of outdoor living, or better... sunroom living. 

These awesome sunrooms of our customers are great examples of transforming an unused space into a year-round outdoor oasis. Hear how sunroom living changed the lives of these home owners. 

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Sunroom living with Joyce - a place to unwind 

With unexpected events in life, having a sunroom for Joyce has been a place for happiness and unwinding. 

"I come in every day after work, and I will just unwind... I hold a lot of parties here, a lot of entertaining... It's not a four-season, but I actually get about four seasons, because I do have a little fireplace."


Sunroom living with Wayne - outdoor dining all year long

Whether its raining or windy, Wayne and his family gather in the sunroom to have a meal. Outdoor dining is one of the greatest way to put your sunroom to use - a real experience for the senses. "This has been the room that we use the most in the whole house..." says Wayne. 


"I cannot say, really, enough about the value its added to our lives here, and being able to use this space, where a lot of the time of the year we wouldn't be able to use this space."

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As heard in Wayne's testimony... Lumon's sunrooms are three-season sunrooms, that can still be used in the wintertime, providing there is an additional source of heat. So, what exactly is the difference between a three and four season sunroom? 

Sunroom living with Nick - in the sunroom with the pets

Every morning and after work, Nick and his wife enjoy a cup of coffee in their sunroom. The pets also love the outdoor space. "We're out here all the time," he says. 

"We were afraid that the cost was going to be ridiculous, but it really, compared to construction, was considerably less... no doubt, the best money we've ever spent on this house."

Here, you can discover more about what all comprises the price of a Lumon sunroom. As you heard from our customers, a Lumon sunroom adds value to your home, while also adding a space for more life... in whatever way that you want to spend it. You can request a free home consultation from one of our professional Design Consultants here: 

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