How to Maximize Sunlight with a Retractable Glass Wall in Winter?

24 January, 2023

One of the benefits of seamless retractable glazing is that you do not need to worry about compromising on making the most of daylight. In the winter, the need for sunlight can be heightened... so one thing is for sure: we do not want an outdoor structure that limits the amount of natural light coming in even more! With a few more winter months ahead of us, let's not get discouraged: spring is on the way. 

For now, here are some tips on how to maximize sunlight with a retractable or sliding glass wall: 

1. Facing south 

We don't always get to pick the orientation of our home, but it always helps to have your enclosed space facing south - this will allow the most sunlight to enter during the winter months. 

Backyard seamless sunroom with sliding glass walls

2. Use blinds to your benefit 

Easy operable blinds help to make sure that the light coming into your home is... just right. In the winter, we want to maximize the light, but sometimes with the glare of snow, the light can be a bit too much. Blinds give privacy, while also making sure that your room stays in optimal light. 

Enclosed balcony with blinds

3. Have a consultation to determine the best solution for your home 

A professional consultation of your outdoor space and building envelope can help determine the best way to maximize the sunlight, taking into account the location of the building, architecture, and the best solution for your particular space. Ask for a free consultation from one of Lumon's Design Consultants to start building the ideal outdoor solution for your home - in terms of light, usability, energy efficiency, quality, and more. 

Here are 6 spaces that retractable or sliding glass walls are sure to transform!

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4. Open up the walls on sunny days

On the days that there is winter sunshine, make the most of it! Open up your retractable or sliding glass wall to let the sun into your home - or go outside onto the patio to enjoy the sunshine. Even on chilly days, you can think of the three-season outdoor space kind of like a car... if it's sunny outside (especially with a south-facing room), it can get comfortably warm inside your enclosed patio! Enjoy a cup of coffee and soak in those rays. Enclosing even small patio spaces provides you and your home with many benefits.

Backyard sunroom with sliding glass wall

5. Seamless design is where its at 

Maximizing daylight always starts from taking into consideration one thing - the seamlessness of the system you want to implement for your outdoor space. The more surface area we have to let in the light, the better. Lumon's frameless retractable glass systems ensure that you get the best of both worlds... maximized sunlight, maximized usability. 

Do you want to get started on building your outdoor dream today? Get in touch to begin building more room for living the life you desire. 

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