6 spaces sliding glass walls are sure to transform

12 December, 2022

The installation of retractable or sliding glass walls significantly improves the usability of a variety of different kinds of spaces! The spaces where the transformational difference will most likely be most notable is in outdoor spaces, as the addition of glazing enables the use of the space so extensively. The seamlessness of the glass design also ensures that the original character of the space is not lost. 

So, here are 7 situations where a space can be completely transformed by the addition of retractable or sliding glazing!

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1. Restaurant patio 

In restaurants, especially in the summer time, the patio is often the most sought-after spot to sit. However, when the colder seasons roll around the corner, there aren't as many keen customers spending time on the patio. Retractable or sliding glazing transforms the popular dining area into an almost year-round spot to enjoy your meal. Plus, eating outside enhances the outdoor experience and makes the senses come alive! 

The benefit does not only go for the customer, but also the restaurant home-owner: you can now host a lot more customers in your restaurant! Depending on the size and layout of the space, you may opt for retractable or sliding glass walls. Learn about the optimal solution for your space here.

Restaurant patio enclosed with glass

2. Front porch 

The front probably isn't the hotspot of the home, but it sure holds a lot of opportunity! In festive seasons, the front porch is often the first place to be decorated, and with the addition of glazing, this becomes even more fun. The glazing also simultaneously protects the façade of the home and prevents excess ventilation, which conveniently adds up to bring energy savings into the home. What's not to love? 

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Plants also love the glazed room! Spice up the look of your front porch with greenery - the system can also easily be locked, so you don't have to worry about security. Glazed spaces are a safe place for yourself, your family, and your pets. Operating the system is as easy as 1-2-3. 

3. Balcony 

On balconies, the benefit of retractable and sliding glazing is extensive. In cities, there is usually a lot more noise than when living in the suburbs or country-side. Effectively, glazing also reduces up to 50% of audible noise... so you can enjoy your balcony space in peace. In cities, there is also usually more dust and filth, which the glazing protects the space from. 

You can learn more about the benefit of glazing for balcony spaces here. 

Man opening sliding glass doors on balcony

4. Backyard patio 

There's nothing quite like outdoor living done right, and one of the best spaces to give some extra well-deserved attention is your backyard patio. The possibilities for a glazed space in the backyard, even if small, are endless. For some, the backyard is transformed into a sports space, for some a playroom, for some, a dining space. See how one of our customers transformed theirs into a backyard hockey rink! 😉

5. Pool house

Retractable glass is the perfect solution for your pool house, because you can still put the space to use even if it is not exactly a pool day outside. On sunny days, the retractable or sliding glass doors can easily be opened to give you full access to enjoying the hot summer days. 

Pool house with a glass enclosure

6. Outdoor kitchen

Retractable and sliding glazing solutions ensure that not only at the restaurant, but also at home, you are enjoying the outdoor dining experience to the maximum. Eating or having coffee outdoors is one of the favourite ways for our customers to use their outdoor space. 

"During the whole 3,5 seasons of the year, we eat 100% of our meals out here... I believe it's added a lot of value of the house," says homeowner Wayne, who had Lumon's retractable glazing installed under his existing patio. Watch the full interview here:


There are so many ways to better use your outdoor space... just pick one (or multiple)! The often unused space can be transformed into a usable addition of space, which enables you to enjoy outdoor living all the more. Our Design Consultants help to design your space in the most optimal way, taking for example walkways and furniture placement in consideration together with the homeowner. Get started on building your outdoor dream today by booking your free consultation! Here's what you can expect of the process from start to finish. 

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